Discover some advantages in refrigeration equipment with compressors controlled by means of variable frequency drive

How does a Chiller work with common refrigeration components? 

Common equipment works with modulation of 0%, 50% and 100% of cooling capacity. Depending on the thermal load applied to the process, the equipment can be connected with full load, half or completely off. The compressors use a direct starting system that increases the nominal current from 4 to 12 times, and depending on the size of the equipment, this can happen 8 to 10 times in 1 hour, which will increase the energy consumption of the equipment. This is because the equipment will work with its maximum consumption even if the thermal load does not need so much.

What is the difference when using compressors with variable frequency?

Let's see an example:

Imagine an industry, for example Injection or Blow, with various equipment operating. In many of them, there is a considerable variation in the thermal load, due to the normal process oscillations. This is due to the factory's own logistics: Change of molds between equipment, maintenance of equipment, variation in the production demand, inclusion of new products, being necessary tests and adjustments of molds, etc.

Thus the overall thermal load of an industry can fluctuate a lot during a normal working day. The main benefit of this equipment is its easy adaptation to the required thermal load, ie the frequency Inverter installed to the equipment causes the compressor to work only enough to meet the process, if the thermal load increases the compressor automatically corrects its rotation and consequently their cooling power, and the other way around. The Equipment can automatically modulate its capacity to operate from 30% to 100%.

Is it possible to measure the benefits, for example, of savings in energy consumption?

Yes, as stated above energy saving is directly related to how much oscillation occurs in the operations of the industries. However, we have already received reports from clients, who have made actual energy consumption measurements, and are reaching an economy of around 28%.

What are the main components / manufacturers that change compared to conventional chiller?

This equipment was developed in such a way as to comply with all current standards and contribute to reduce the negative effects caused to the environment. Among the items that make us achieve these benefits we can mention the use of:

               #1. Programmable Logic Controller: An intelligent Chiller control system that reduces the number of electrical components applied to the system and softens the starting system of the applied motors.
#2. Electronic Expansion Valve (ETS – Dansfoss),which controls the flow of refrigerant through the system, making it a system of greater stability, accuracy and reliability.
#3. Ecological Coolant, which are gases that do not emit CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), substances that are harmful to human health and the environment.
#4. Scroll Compressor with Frequency Inverter: Rotary type compressor with scroll-type impeller "Scroll", which together with the frequency inverter are responsible for control of rotation of the compressor and consequently the capacity of the equipment.







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