Get to know some tips and advantages that will contribute to the review of your Air Compressor.

When Is It Time To Check Out An Air Compressor? 

Knowing when to review a unit is important, there are signs that indicate a unit needs attention. Conducting routine fluid checks, taking oil samples, and routinely checking bearing vibration may reveal indicators that suggest a near failure. Contamination of the oil with metal fragments usually indicates that the parts are worn out. It is also important to take into account the increase in the temperature of the air outlet. If the internal temperature of the compressor rises, this is a good indicator that the air compressor needs preventive and programmed revision, avoiding premature breaks and corrective maintenance.

Perception of prices for Air Compressor Maintenance is not necessarily a reality!

When comparing two quotes, there is an expectation that the lower quote will ultimately save you money. But without a fixed price, there is no way to control costs and guarantees. It is not uncommon for reviewers to provide an initially low price. Unfortunately, and often, costs increase as additional issues are discovered during the inspection and disassembly process. This results in more repairs, parts and labor that were not part of the original quote.

With a fixed and integral quote and a complete analysis of the work, no additional costs are taken into account, including the typical excess costs, the potential downtime of the customer and the possible loss of productivity in the place, which can easily compensate differences in costs. With a fixed price and extensive review of the compressor review, there is no need to go back and forth with revisions to purchase orders or additional purchase requisitions.


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