Nitrogen and other compressed gases are used in various stages of the fermentation process. Breweries use nitrogen for: Inerting tanks between uses, it can be used to move oxygen and carbon dioxide into tanks and push beer from one tank to another. Nitrogen is also injected to pressurize the barrels for shipping, storage and use.

Producing nitrogen on site provides three key benefits for breweries and micro brewers, with far greater advantages than buying nitrogen:

1:Less waste of time:Excludes possible interruptions in production, as it is not necessary to be a dependent of a nitrogen supplier. When the gas is brought, it needs to be connected to the system and the old containers need to be removed, with the nitrogen being produced on site, this is no longer a concern.

2. No waste: While the purchased nitrogen is inactive in the tanks, ambient heat causes it to expand, if the pressure is not released, the tank may explode. So the tanks have to be opened and the gas goes into the atmosphere. This is a waste of money and the gas itself. With the generator, only the necessary is produced, reducing costs.

3.Lower costs: Nitrogen generation on site is clearly cheaper than buying carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Depending on the purchase and delivery costs in an area, brewers can achieve savings of 40 to 75 percent when choosing to use on-site nitrogen generation.

The many benefits of onsite nitrogen generation boil down to one common theme: savings. Lower gas costs, less wasted gas and no waiting time for delivery and installation, nitrogen generators are a clear advantage for brewers. Brewers can save more by combining nitrogen generation with oil-free air compressors, cutting production costs and reinforcing their bottom line.




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