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There are many ways to save energy on compressed air systems. One of them is the sequencer or compressed air management system, which provides an effective and significant saving of electricity.

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HBR Equipamentos Ltda. is a Brazilian compressed air equipment specialist which draws on over 30 years’ experience in the market to offer the very best quality products. We profile the firm and e...

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A HBR amplia seu portfólio de soluções.

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A HBR celebra 15 anos de sucesso da linha Air Delivery que dispensa a necessidade de empresas comprarem máquinas e equipamentos destinados à geração de ar comp...

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This last dawn we carried out the transport of two machines of natural gas compressors for Santos. From Santos the compressors will go to the Cosco Shipyard, in the city of Dalian / China. Customer...

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HBR was founded in 1985 with a focus on distribution of equipament for the compressed air market.


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