Multistage Centrifugal Blowers

In order to meet all the requirements for air and gas applications, Ingersoll Rand provides a new generation of Hibon Multistage Centrifugal Blowers: a complementary solution to rotary lobe blowers and turbo compressors for users of vacuum and low pressure systems.




With the addition of this new state-of-the-art technology, Hibon Multistage Centrifugal Blower is a wide range of effi cient solutions, all complying with the various operation requirements of each particular application. Multistage blowers are ideally suited for all operations where a variable flow at constant pressure is a definite requirement. The performance characteristics of these blowers generate a variable fl ow and power at a constant speed.

Operating Principle

Blowers are dynamic radial compressors. They build up a pressure by accelerating the fluid in a set of impellers and then decelerating the fluid by means of long-radius and high efficiency diffusers.

By activating a valve located on the suction side, Hibon blowers’ special design allows for modulation of airfl ow while maintaining a thus in direct proportion to the required mass flow rate.


Ingersoll Rand offers the benefi ts of the proper equipment solution that is economical and quiet.

Hibon’s fl ow versus pressure characteristic curve allows for a wide operating range down to 50% of fl ow rate, without surging.

Ingersoll Rand’s knowledgeable staff and our local manufacturers representatives are a valuable asset to every project.


Designed to handle air or gas, Hibon blowers are used in the following applications:

    water treatment
    waste water treatment
    combustion air
    central vacuum cleaning
    fluidization and homogenization of silos

    liquids or baths aeration and agitation
    air knife drying
    galvanizing process
    gas compression for chemical and petrochemical industries
    pulp and paper, printing industries
Construction and benefits

Hibon blowers are fabricated using the most advanced processes, with digital control machining for the highest precision level. Each unit is tested and a report is issued showing vibration data.

Specific design features:

    Blower inlet/outlet heads and intermediate sections are fabricated of cast iron ASTM A 48-30B (FGL 200) for an outstanding strength.
    Impellers are of cast or riveted aluminium alloy, depending on the flow characteristics required. They are statically and dynamically balanced for effi cient operation without vibration.
    There are ample internal clearances, with no interference fitting surfaces, offering sparkfree operation.
    Shaft is SAE 10-45 (XC 38) steel.
    Type C3 ball bearings are designed for 100,000 hours, AFBMA-B10 (NF ISO 281 LH10) service life. They are oil bath lubricated, by means of an advanced design factory preset lubricator, which assures a constant oil level for long service life.
    Bearing housings are fabricated of ASTM A 48-38B (FGL 200) cast iron, temperaturestabilized and precision-machined to ensure parallel alignment to the casing. Additionally, the housing is designed to prevent pressurization from the process air, thus eliminating any potential oil leaks.
    Carbon ring seals within the bearing housing reduce air leaks while improving compression efficiency.
    Compressed air/gas is guaranteed 100% oil free.
Construction features





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